Interactive Suite

Functionality Overview of 2049 Chinese

The pages on our website, such as this one:, are designed to enhance the learning of Mandarin through engaging audio components. They offer a range of interactive tools designed to enhance language acquisition and comprehension, from accurate pronunciation to contextual sentence usage.


Here’s a quick guide to the current features:

  1. Play/Stop buttons for audio:
    Words Audio (bottom left): This button plays an audio track that focuses on individual words to help you learn the correct pronunciation of Mandarin words.
    Sentences/Phrases Audio (bottom right): This button plays a sentence or phrase audio track to help you understand Mandarin in different contexts.
  2. Speed Button: Adjusts the playback speed of both audio tracks with three settings: normal speed (1.0), medium speed (0.8), and slow speed (0.6). This flexibility allows you to adjust your listening speed to suit your comprehension and learning pace.
  3. Rewind 6s Button: Rewind 6s Button: Provides the ability to rewind the currently playing audio by 6 seconds for instant review.
  4. Font Size Buttons: Includes three buttons to adjust the text size of the Web page to improve text visibility. Increase, decrease, or reset the font size to your preference for accessibility and comfort during extended learning sessions.
  5. Navigation through images:
    Click on the right half of images: Advance to the next chapter.
    Click the left half of images: Return to the previous chapter.
  6. Day/Night Mode: Switch between light and dark themes to reduce eye strain and improve visibility based on ambient light conditions or personal preference.
  7. Click on the subtitle “The 20K Word Road to Mandarin Proficiency”: Takes you to the Overview page. This page contains links to all available chapters.
  8. Click on the page header or the title 2049 Chinese: This will take you directly to the home page where you can access the 15 language editions available for learning Chinese, highlighting the platform’s comprehensive support for language learning.

These features allow you to customize your Mandarin learning experience to meet your individual needs and preferences.