Keyboard Shortcuts

Easy navigation of the 2049 Chinese website

These (computer!) shortcuts for 2049 Chinese will help you navigate and control the audio for a seamless, interactive learning experience.

Audio Playback Control

Play/Pause Audio:
W or O or 9: Toggles play/pause for word audio.
E or I or 8: Toggles play/pause for sentence audio.

Speed Adjustment

S or L or 6: Change the playback speed of the audio tracks, cycling through normal speed (1.0x), medium speed (0.8x), and slow speed (0.6x).

Rewind and Forward

F or J or 4: Rewind both audio tracks by 6 seconds, perfect for revisiting difficult sections.
R or U or 7: Fast forward both audio tracks by 4 seconds, allowing you to skip ahead with ease.

Auto Loop

D or K or 5: Enter the loop mode. Each phrase is repeated twice.

Theme Toggle

V or N or 1: Switch between day (light) and night (dark) themes, offering visual comfort no matter the time of day.

Font Size Adjustment

+: Increase the font size across the webpage, enhancing readability.
-: Decrease the font size, for those who prefer a more compact display.
0: Reset the font size to the default setting, providing a quick way to return to the standard view.

Shortcut Summary

For efficiency and ergonomic comfort, the same 7 shortcuts are located in three different blocks on your keyboard:

  • For the left hand, use W-E-R, S-D-F, and V.
  • For the right hand, use U-I-O, J-K-L, and N.
  • If your keyboard has a numeric keypad, the same patterns apply to the 7-8-9, 4-5-6, and 1 keys.


Explore these shortcuts in Chapter 1, Section 1, Basic Level (1.1.1): Essential Communication Apps.