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A broad vocabulary is the cornerstone of fluency in any language. We are pleased to present the first 2,500+ words from our ambitious 2049 Chinese project, which aims to compile over 20,000 Chinese words.

As of February 9th, we’ve released 4 chapters with 38 sections. Each section is divided into three levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced – to accommodate learners at different skill levels and ensure a customizable learning experience.

Here is Chapter 1, Section 1, Basic Level (1.1.1): Essential Communication Apps.

To access the 114 pages currently available (out of a future total of over 1,000), please visit the Overview page.

If your native language is among the 15 listed, improve your Mandarin skills under the expert guidance of 张可沅 Keyuan Zhang and 田弘杰 Bernd Sebastian Kamps:

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With over 220 audio files at your disposal, you can significantly improve your listening and pronunciation skills, bringing you closer to Mandarin fluency.

2049 Chinese
The 20K Word Road to Mandarin Proficiency
Volume 1, Chapter 1-3
张可沅 Keyuan Zhang
田弘杰 Bernd Sebastian Kamps
Steinhäuser 2024 | IBSN: 978-3-910263-41-3
Print Edition (400 pages)